How much do wedding flowers cost in Sydney?

September 7, 2019


One of the biggest questions I’ve been asked when it comes to wedding planning is probably how much does it cost to flower your event? 

Unlike catering providers, DJs, photographer or videographer, who often openly disclose their package price online, you most likely find that investment for your wedding flowers is a bit of a mystery. More often than not, florists and event planners would invite you to book a consultation call or come in for a face to face chat prior to providing you with a quote. 

“What are the reasons for that and is it even necessary?” – You’ve probably had asked yourself this question for a while.

So let me help you break this out and see why us florists are doing what we’re doing.

1. Event flowers come in all different shapes and sizes.

Having worked in the event and wedding industry a combined 7+ year, I’ve seen many of my clients approach their event planning in many different ways. 

A high guest counts doesn’t always have to have an insanely huge budget for decoration.

And an intimate wedding with 30 guests could sometimes come with a 5 figure budget for flowers and decorations. 

Knowing how much it costs for someone else to arrange flowers for their wedding doesn’t determine how much you need to spend for yours.

2. Authenticity and personal preference

Let’s be honest, this is your wedding, your PERSONAL event. Hence, the key determination to what your investment should be is “you”, and only “you”.

No one has gone through the romance path that you and your life-partner has been through. 

No one sees and experiments the world the way you two do.

No one has the same the memory of your first bouquet, or the first trip together you two had. 

And as your designer, it is the florist’s job to unravel your story, and craft the creative work that is authentic to you. 

3. The smallest detail matters

Your wedding is important to us, and we want to ensure we factor every single detail into the planning and design to ensure your day is running as smoothly as possible.

These details include but not limited to: the logistics of the event, the season when your wedding is taking place, the time in between the ceremony and the reception, the venue’s allowance for bump-in and bump-out time, and so much more. 

And until we get to sit down with you and go through all of these, any number is just a number.

4. Last but not least, the personal connection.

Yes, this is true. Just as you like to know who is behind the brand – creating your flowers – we would love to know YOU as a person, prior to starting to design the flowers for YOUR special day. 

Your tone of voice, your passion and excitement for a certain style, your priority when it comes to flowering your day, whether it be the ceremony that is the focus, or the reception where you will be spending most of your time enjoying the meals with your loved one. We want to know all about it.

As we go through and gather information about you and your vision, we can then work out what your investment could be, where to spend it and plan it well to stay close within to your design budget. 

So, there you are, the 4 reasons why wedding flowers cannot be priced as a one size fit all. 

However, recent research has shown that the average spend on your wedding flowers will take up about 10% of your overall wedding budget, or if you like the decor to be more elaborate, be prepared with a 15 – 20%. 

Reasons why it’s defined by a percentage instead of a figure is because if you have a 150 guests wedding, the amount you should be spending is totally different to someone who has 80 guests. 

There will be more tables, the floor plan will be much larger, and you have more areas require decoration to create the visual impact that you would like to have. 

So don’t be tied up with that people say you should do, or be affected by what other people had done for their wedding.

At the end of the day, this is your wedding, and only you would know what is important to you, what budget you’re working with, what vision you have in mind for this OH-SO important day.

What you can do, is to find the perfect vendors to help you overcome the roadblock, and work with you to creatively craft the event that is authentic and personalised to you.

As always